Cardio-Vascular MRI

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Cardio-Vascular MRI

Date : 2019-04-02

Cardio-Vascular MRI Course

The department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University is pleased to announce a magnetic resonance initial training course, The course is intended for radiologist and other physicians who want to get the basic knowledge in Cardiac MR. The program incorporates didactic instruction with practical,hands-on scanning both in a simulation environment and at the scanner console. Cardiovascular imaging basic will be presented, including CMR imaging physics and protocols. Clinical applications will be emphasized through lectures reviewing cardiovascular pathology. Thirty mentored clinical cases will be presented .Participants will spend time at the imaging console with volunteers at 1.5T cardiovascular magnets. In addition, participants will study structural and functional cardiac MR evaluations utilizing current MR case specific application, exploring cardiac morphology and function.

Course Time

Start from 9 AM - 2 PM
Launch break at 12 PM
Staff member 

Faculty of Medicine-Cairo University

Duration Course ..

3 Days
Target Audience
Diagnostic Residents, Radiologists
Training Place ..
Department of Diagnostic Radiology - Qasr Al Ain
Time of Training 
From 9 am - 2 pm
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Scientific Method and Training Material

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Educational material provided useful and achieve the objectives of the scientific program
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Methods of theoretical and practical training

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The theoretical training in the training program is sufficient
Practical training in the training program is sufficient
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Management of training program and equipment

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