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Professional diploma in Healthcare & Hospital Management
“Professional diploma in Healthcare & Hospital Management” (PCHM) is a certified Course designed to provide participants with the most updated scientific based knowledge and skills that enable them to be professional managers and business administrators in the new business world. 
This Diploma enhances managers quality, challenges their ability for best practices in business administration, hence helping them to develop successful professional career 
Benefits from joining this Certified BA Course
Individual gains:
Acquiring relevant knowledge , skills & attitudes that is needed for professional work
Becoming qualified by a Recognized Certificate which means a competitive advantage over professional peers.
Having a network of relations with business administration experts and healthcare management consultants
Raising individual opportunities for promotions and paves the way for better managerial positions in Egypt & abroad.
Organizational gains:
Professional and Scientific -based  organization management or Business administration systems
Higher organizational performance 
Better reputation & More market share
Increase Productivity & profitability 
Employees Customers loyalty
Capability to successfully face any challenges or un predicted risks 
Course Duration:
120 Learning Hours over 24 days  ( once or twice weekly) 
Each day includes 5 learning hours with mid break 
Last day is assigned for candidates assessment and final project discussions
If the course will be provided to an organization , Course duration can be tailored to organization needs & contexts ( with the same curriculum & learning hours ) 
Course Participants:
Business administrators and mangers at any level of management 
Health  professionals  and Administrative staff willing to begin or enhance their management career 
Course Faculty:
Group of qualified Instructors & trainers who are experts with national and international experiences in business management in addition to consultants in healthcare management and quality healthcare.  
Our Teaching team are  first-rated  scientific board members Egyptian Universities. 
By the end of this Certified Course, participants will be able to:
1. Manage their business successfully  in challenging work environment
2. Lead their organizations strategically using strategic planning and analysis principles 
3. Share in developing  their organization mission , vision , values , goals and plans 
4. Effectively and efficiently manage their organization human resources to reach organization goals
5. Design and evaluate  their business marketing plan 
6. Give a hand in managing their organization  financial resources 
7. Apply  leadership , motivation, communication , conflict , change  & time management skills in their work
8. Identify  tools for project management 
9. Find ways for  optimizing healthcare operations to be more customer centered , cost effective , safe  and of high quality
10. Interpret principles of health information system 
11. Professionally handle possibly faced critical situations and crisis 
12. Deal with laws  and regulations in healthcare business
13. Develop & work in teams to reach their  own and organization goals
1 Contemporary Business Management
2 Strategic Leadership
3 Capitalize your Human Resources
4 Market & brand your business
5 Accounting & Finance For Non -Accounting Non-Finance
6 Your Leadership skill set:
Leading and motivating Your staff
Communication &negotiation 
Conflict management
Change leadership
Time management
7 Project management tools
8 ABC For High quality healthcare systems
9 The Power of Data -  Health Informatics
10 Managing healthcare crisis & critical situations
11 Dealing with  laws & regulations in healthcare
Total : 120 hours ( 20 days )  
Final Projects Discussions & assessment
Teaching methods:
Interactive workshops
Small group  discussions  & activities
Business case studies & Problem solving sessions
Role plays
Candidates Assessment Methods:
In-class participation 
Specific assignments or researches in each modules
Final group-based  projects
Final exam 

  Excellent Very good Good Accepted Poor

Scientific Method and Training Material

The scientific curriculum of the training program
Educational material provided useful and achieve the objectives of the scientific program
Manual and AVI reference and good printing and easy to read

Methods of theoretical and practical training

The methods of theoretical training are diverse (lectures, discussions, ...)
The theoretical training in the training program is sufficient
Practical training in the training program is sufficient
Register LogBook to attend attendant apprenticeship and training activities
How appropriate the training centers to conduct the training process efficiently
The facilities available in the training areas are sufficient to provide the training process efficiently
How appropriate is the theoretical training center to conduct the training process efficiently

Trainers (on the whole)

Quality in presentation and casting skills
Knowledge and skills training material
Are able to deliver information
Encourage participation, suggestions and initiatives
Continuing with the trainees with respect and appreciation

Management of training program and equipment

Communication between the Institute's management and trainees
The period of theoretical training in the scientific program
The period of practical training in the scientific program
The Institute responds to the observations and opinions of trainees
On the whole I am satisfied with the level of training at the Institute