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 Clinical Nutrition  [Details]

Professional Diploma Hospital Management  Professional diploma in Healthcare & Hospital Management Aims: “Professional diploma in Healthcare & Hospital Management” (PCHM) is a certified Course designed to provide participants with the… [Details]

Diploma Details   - First Training System: Two days a week for 4 months - Second Training System: Continuous week of each month - Theoretical Training: A theoretical explanation with… [Details]

Professional Diploma in Infection Prevention and Control :   The comprehensive curriculum provides participants with leading knowledge and skills so they can serve as specialists within the sponsoring organization. The… [Details]

Surgical laparoscopy course Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Magdy Mahmoud, Head of Endoscopy Unit [Details]

Aesthetic Gynecology Cosmetic Dermatology Botox, Filler, Laser & Threads [Details]